Sequential Blocked Randomization

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Sequential Blocked Randomization

Hi there,

I am trying to assign subjects to one of the 10 treatments (as they arrive) based on information that they provide at the beginning of the survey. So in the beginning, I collect information on race, age, gender, education, etc. and then I want to make sure that these covariates are balanced across treatments. I came across this paper which goes into using rpy2 API using Qualtric Web Service for achieving this. However, for some reason, I can't get to make this method work (Qualtrics does not set an embedded field even after the Web Service is run). My question, is there another way of doing sequential blocked randomization in Qualtrics? Or if somebody here has done blocked randomization in Qualtrics using rpy2 or any other method?



  • Hello @sherafghan ,

    Assuming based on some information you want o assign a block to respondent, then you can use branch logic and copy blocks in survey flow where ever required.

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