Two questions about slider questions and labels

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Two questions about slider questions and labels

For some research I am currently working on, I am trying to replicate the following two visually-represented questions in a Qualtrics format:

Right now, I have created two slider questions with graphic labels (graphics of the two items) and have used some of custom Javascript code provided in another post to anchor the label on the left-side of the slider. I also experimented with breaking up the visuals associated with the original items into 2-3 labels with Javascript coding to anchor the labels to both sides of the slider scale, but they were less visually similar to the original questions; also, I tried adjusting the visual sizes, but the slider scale auto-adjusts to any changes. Here is what my current Qualtrics questions look like:

Do you have recommendations for how to:
1) expand the label beyond the slider scale to have the emoticons appear beyond the ends of both "flanks" of the slider scale while still keeping middle graphic intact;
2) place the graphic label beneath the slider scale while still having it appear flush to the slider scale?
My goal is to better replicate the original items, so if you see a better option than indicated by my questions feel free to let me know. :) Thanks for taking a look at this, and best wishes for a great day!

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