Parse Contact (transaction) details from API call into csv or similar

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Parse Contact (transaction) details from API call into csv or similar

Hi All,

I need to download and create a CSV file with all contacts and all their embedded and transaction data. The embedded side is easy. The transaction side looks much more complicated and involves API calls. The website gives a basic overview of the call however I am no python / Java programmer so don't really know how you would parse that data into a csv file to import and interrogate it in the likes of excel.

However I do quite a bit of coding in VBA so given a basic script I am sure I can work with it and get it working. The problem is I'd need to consider looping through all the attributes which may change over time (or is every contact given every attribute even if it's not populated?), assuming not, I'd need work out a way that would collate this. If however, someone already has a script for Excel / VBA I'd be very grateful if you would be so kind to share that with me? :smiley:

This script would be a read only script - I wouldn't need to consider updating / appending (at the moment!).

Thanks in advance


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