How to set the limit of selected choices?

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How to set the limit of selected choices?

I use javascript to set a Multiple Answer question. I set that subjects can only select 5 choices. When they select 5 choices, the unselected choices will be disabled. When I preview the questionnaire, I find that the code works in the browser view, but it fails to work in the mobile phone view. What's wrong with it?
How can I solve this problem?
Thanks a lot.

Here is the code I used:

this.questionclick = function(event,element){
var selectedchoice=this.getSelectedChoices();
jQuery("#"+ this.questionId +" input:checkbox:not(:checked)" ).attr("disabled", true);
jQuery("#"+ this.questionId +" input:checkbox:not(:checked)" ).attr("disabled", false);



  • flebfleb Czech RepublicCommunity Member Sage ✭✭✭

    Hi @cqulihui,
    I'd recommend to try your code using a real phone first. It once happened to me that something wasn't working in the preview mode, but it worked fine in the "real" questionnaire.

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