What happens to data if a license lapses and how best to transfer surveys and data between accounts

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What happens to data if a license lapses and how best to transfer surveys and data between accounts

I'm leaving my present institution and will be joining another in a couple of months. As far as I can tell my new institution has a Qualtrics license, so I'm hoping to migrate my existing surveys and data over to a new account. A complicating issue is that my present department may choose not renew their existing departmental license, and that the license may consequently expire before I leave.

What is the cleanest and most seamless way to transfer surveys and data between two accounts, given that (a) I don't have my new account yet, and (b) my old account may well have been deactivated? Is exporting and then importing the only solution, or is there a better way?


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    Hey @JNRMSY - I'll jump in here as I think some perspective from Qualtrics would be helpful.

    If your current institution is going to lose access to Qualtrics before you have your new account set up, you can create a free, trial account and initiate a user move and move your surveys and data there until you have access to your new account.

    Hope that helps! The support representative assisting with your user move would be happy to answer any other questions you may have.

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    @JNRMSY from a perspective of a brand admin at a university, we get a lot of new faculty requesting to have their old data from their former university account transitioned into MSU's. Generally, we have our new faculty login to the license to create the account (your institution may handle theirs differently) and then you will have to contact Qualtrics, like @tylerk mentions above. Your new institutions's brand admin wouldn't be able to see your data at all and the initiation of the move will have to come from you. Having the new account set up at your new institution will make things easier for Qualtrics.

    Good luck on your move! B)

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