Randomizing Comments from evaluators

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Randomizing Comments from evaluators

In the 360 report, how can you get comments to show in a randomized order? I have 7 different pages of comments and I have one rater group where the comments from one rater are always appearing first on the page

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    Hi, @cmcke028! It looks like you were able to reach out to our Support Team and while this functionality is currently not available, they were able to submit a feature request on your behalf! :smiley:


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    This is a weird work around...

    In your survey flow, create a new embedded data element (something like "Comment Number") and set it so that a random number is generated for the response. Then you can sort your comments by this Comment Number, which would be random. Note, the order will be static.

    You can make sure it is always the most current comments coming up first by make Comment Number = {Current Year}{Current Month}{Current Day}{Random Number} and sort largest to smallest.

    Here is the math operation I would use:

    It will produce something like this "201906111537"

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