Record Survey Issued Date

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Record Survey Issued Date


Would anyone know if / how its possible to record the Date a Survey was Issued? It will be distributed by Email on a monthly basis and I wish to record the date it was issued in the results as opposed to the date the survey was started or completed.


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    @Denise_Smith - You will have to hard code this at the time of distribution by adding an embedded data field in the Survey Flow and changing the date when scheduling the survey. Any other method will only trigger when the survey is started.

    Also, you could just include that as embedded data when creating the distribution list. Both will accomplish the same goal, so just pick whichever is easier for your process.


  • Hello @Denise_Smith,

    You can pipe the current date in the survey link/URL while distributing and capture it in the ED in the survey flow

  • Denise_SmithDenise_Smith DublinCommunity Member Qubie ✭

    @akdashboard, Thank you; by any chance do you know what the code is for the embedded data field in this case by any chance please?

    @Shashi, Thank you for your help. But its actually the survey issue date I need as opposed to the current date. The survey will be issued on a monthly basis and we wish to use the survey issue date as the reference month. As in the respondents are responding to the activities of that month. So for example, we issue the survey on 30th of June to capture details for June. But respondents wont respond until July so current date would be July.

  • Denise_SmithDenise_Smith DublinCommunity Member Qubie ✭

    @akdashboard, sorry upon re-read i see what you mean. Just set the embedded data field to be equal to the month. That works for me.

  • chazchaz MassachusettsCommunity Member Qubie ✭

    Appreciate the guidance. As an alternative could you just include the survey issue date as a field when you input the list of contacts. The survey we hope to issue will probably go out quarterly. Thanks in advance

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