Exclude dates in Dashboard

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Exclude dates in Dashboard


I am trying to exclude a specific month from my Dashboard data, while still allowing people to use date as a filter.
(I.e. exclude December data, while allowing people to filter on any date they want, ex: past month or past year).

I tried in the settings, or by adding a specific date filter on the tab, but I wasn't successful. I was thinking of creating a new embedded data with 0/1 value (0 = December data, 1 = rest of the data), and add that new variable as a locked filter.

Any other solution you would recommend?

Thanks so much in advance!

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    Accepted Answer

    You need to add an indicator to the data sources and use that as a way to filter in the dashboard.

    I'd go to the individual project(s) and add a new embedded data field in the survey flow (something like Valid_Indicator or whatever makes sense) then edit all the responses for December to be Valid_Indicator=False and all other responses to Valid_Indicator-True. Then in your dashboard add a locked filter of Valid_Indicator=True.

    Note - You won't see the new embedded data field you added until a survey is a collected. You can trigger this by going through the preview link.


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    Thanks so much! That's what I thought, but I wanted a second opinion before editing all my answers and projects (I have a lot...)!

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