Perform Text Analysis LIVE on Respondents' Feedback!

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Perform Text Analysis LIVE on Respondents' Feedback!

Sometimes it's best to just let respondents pour out their feelings in an open-ended question. But historically, there's less branching we can do with a question that's not multiple-choice - I mean, how can we even tell what the respondent's talking about? It would be amazing if we could tell when the respondent was upset, so we could offer them a nice apology and contact information right in the survey. Or if we could tell when they were praising our program, so we know it's ok to tell them about other offerings they might like. Or if we could detect mentions of damage, and offer them the chance to return their faulty product!

...Oh, wait. We can do that now.

Introducing Text iQ-Powered Survey Flows. As respondents provide open feedback on your survey, Qualtrics can assess the sentiment of the response, topics used in the response, and the sentiment of those particular topics. Once these calculations are made, you can use branch logic to send respondents to different paths in the survey depending on the sentiment or topics present in their response.

This feature was just released, and is available to everyone with Text iQ.

(PS - This feature uses a lot of the same functionality as Text iQ, so make sure you brush up on sentiments, topics, and especially building queries.)


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