This Summer's CX Product Updates

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This Summer's CX Product Updates

This has been a summer of exciting Customer Experience updates! First and foremost, switching between your dashboards and your tickets got easier with improved navigation. With just a click, you can return to your tickets or select the specific dashboard you'd like to see.

And your ability to report on ticket statuses has become way more dynamic! Instead of just reporting how long it took to resolve a ticket, you can now report on the time between various ticket statuses, gaining insight into the time it takes your team to take action on or resolve issues. For example, you can track your company's unique SLA (service-level agreement) and use this info to flag tickets on your dashboard that have exceeded the SLA. See the Time Between Ticket Statuses support page for more details on configuring these fields.

Brand Admins can now determine the dashboards their users engage with most with the help of the new Content Engagement reports. Get a breakdown of top dashboards by unique visitors and pageviews, and export stats for the top dashboard pages in your brand.

Last but not least, the Response Weighting feature for dashboards has gotten a bit of a facelift, in addition to some new functionality. (Note: we're talking about weighting in dashboards, not surveys!)

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