Looking to create a custom code for a mouse hover option

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Looking to create a custom code for a mouse hover option

I am looking to create a custom code that allows for a definition of a word to pop up in a bubble when you hover your mouse over the word. I do not want a new browser window to pop-up, nor am I looking for the word to be clickable. I simply want a small bubble with a definition of a word to appear next to the cursor when you hover the cursor over it. Any insight would be much appreciated! Thanks!!


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    Hey Jake,
    I did something similar to this using some simple HTML in the Rich Content Editor. Inside a Mulitple Choice question, I have 2 choices, tiered and narrow. Inside the Rich Content Editor, click the Source button (Top row, all the way to the right, looks like file with <> inside). I then have this in my source:

    <u><span title="A tiered or high performance network is one that groups providers in the network together based on quality, cost, and/or the efficiency of the care they deliver. These networks encourage patients to visit preferred doctors by either restricting networks to efficient providers, or by having different co-payments or coinsurance for providers in different tiers in the network.">Tiered</span></u>

    The < u > means the text 'Tiered' is underlined, which let's my survey responders know they can hover over it, but you can do that outside of source with less hassle. The is creating an html span object, which I'm linking an article to. Whatever you wish to appear as a 'bubble' when hovered over should be placed between the quotes after title=. See attachment for how the finished product looks when I hover over Tiered.

    Disclaimer, I believe this is supported by HTML 4.0 and up, but that's not to say you may not run into a browser that gives you trouble. Just a heads up. Article explaining more on the subject: link to HTML title tag.

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