Contacting survey participants with anonymize option

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Contacting survey participants with anonymize option

I just completed a study of faculty through a Qualtrics survey. I selected to anonymize my survey responses (given concern for confidentiality). However, I am hoping to send a follow up email for the second phase of the study to only survey respondents. Qualtrics says I cannot send a thank you email because of the anonymize option I selected. Is there a way around this (so I don't have to send a total group email to many people who did not take the survey)?

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    Once you anonymized the responses there is no way to bring contact information back. Maybe you can try capturing an embedded data field in the survey flow if you have any embedded data that can help you identify respondents. I am not sure this can work, embedded data is retroactive when responses are not anonymized, but i have never tried in this particular case

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