Product Ideas FAQs

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Product Ideas FAQs

Check out our most common Product Idea FAQs below:

What happens to past feature requests that I’ve already submitted through the Support team?
Previous feature requests will still been routed through our old feature request process. However, as we transition over to this new process, we recommend posting your ideas here to gain traction. We have already submitted a few top ideas in community that we've gotten over the past few months. If you don't see your idea in the Product Ideas category, be sure to post it as a new idea.

What is the difference between an idea and a feature request?
TLDR; We’re deprecating the term “feature request” and now calling them ideas. So, there is no difference - we found that many requests ended up being more conceptual like an idea, which is why we changed it up.

Why has my idea been set to the In Review status for so long?
Ideas can be set to In Review for up to two months. Product Managers and key stakeholders have a lot of good ideas coming in, and so it may take some time for them to fully review ideas and determine next steps.

Why was my idea set to New Idea again after being In Review for so long?
Product Managers may need more information, more context about an idea, or more demand for the feature before adding it to the roadmap (additional explanation will be provided on the idea thread).

Why was my idea set to Not Currently Planned after being In Review?
When this occurs, it means our Product Management team reviewed and discussed your idea for some time, but ultimately decided that it does not currently fit in the product roadmap.

Why won’t the Support team file an idea for me?
Our product managers have requested feedback straight from our customers. The Product Management team will now look to our online community for a sense of what should go on the roadmap.

The idea I submitted was set to Delivered, but it’s slightly different than my original ask. Why did that happen? Should I post another idea?
We’d recommend providing as much detail as possible the first time around so we know exactly what you’re looking for. It is possible the Product Management team reviewed your idea and decided tweaking it would be in the best interest for the future of our product and all of our clients. You’re welcome to submit another idea if you’d like!


  • dlibindlibin Community Member Qubie ✭

    How does tagging my ideas work? Is it just to give you some intelligence where ideas are happening or does this guide who it reaches?

  • LaurenKLaurenK Seattle, WA, USACommunity Administrator Moderator

    @dlibin - great question! Tagging ideas makes it easier for both community members and community admins to search for and find unique ideas. If your idea specifically involves Embedded Data, it should be added to the Survey Platform category and you could help further categorize it by including tags like "Survey Flow" and "Embedded Data".

  • Emilia_D_1912Emilia_D_1912 MaineCommunity Member Qubie ✭

    Where would I put a Text IQ suggestion?

  • LaurenKLaurenK Seattle, WA, USACommunity Administrator Moderator

    Hi @Emilia_D_1912! Text iQ falls under the Survey Platform category, but be sure to include specific tags to differentiate your idea!

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