Other (Please Specify) Text Entry - Won't Export

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Other (Please Specify) Text Entry - Won't Export

I have a question that is a multiple select carry forward ranking question with an "Other (Please Specify)" option. I can see that in the Data & Analysis section that there is text in the response but when I export, the column titled "Among the list of selections you just made, please rank the broadband issues in order of importance with 1 being the most important and 3 being the least important. - Other (Please Specify) - Text" is blank for all entries. Is there something I need to change for the data to appear in export?


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    Hi @Bella,

    The "other specify text" from source question does show up in the data export, however, it doesn't show up for the destination question (the question at which you are carrying forward the responses from the previous question).

    Column S is the "Other Specify text" which get carry forward to Q2 and Column U is the "Other Specify text" for Q2 which is blank. Since Option 3 which shown at Q2 have the same "Other specify text" which entered at Q1.

    Hope in carry forward you have implemented the logic as "Selected Choices - Entered Text" from Q1 for Q2.

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