Multi Channel Approach - Kiosk Machines

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Multi Channel Approach - Kiosk Machines

Hi Experts,
Can anyone help me in understanding how a multi channel approach like "Kiosk" based survey/feedback can be achieved, and also how can we send/provide confidential letters to each employee using the kiosk. It will be great if you can help us to know the possibilities.

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    You can use either just load the survey on your kiosk if it connects to the internet (I'd recommend an authenticator block in this event) or if internet is not an option, Qualtrics has an offline app you can download.

    Using the app, the respondents will take the survey and once completed, the kiosk (presumably a tablet) will need to be moved a location where it can connect to the internet in order to upload the collected responses.


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    I'm losing you a little here on what you're trying to do: Are you asking about including kiosks as one of many channels? What are your questions regarding that, specifically?

    Also, I'm not sure what you mean about sending confidential letters using the kiosk. You can trigger emails based off of responses to Qualtrics surveys but I'm not sure what you would want to be confidential.

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    @JenCX Hi Jen,

    Thank you for the reply, may be my question was not straight - my bad. I want to understand in Employee Experience on how to use Kiosk machines for a 360 & Pulse survey. There are few users who don't have email ID's, so we plan to use Kiosk machines for them to use both surveys. Is it possible to do so within EX? if yes, what should be the considerations?

    Currently for those users (approx 300 employees) client prints and hand out letters, as they are not part of any HRIS system and don't have email addresses maintained.

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    @Akdashboard Thank you for the reply, I was going through the support page on Kiosk mode and got few hints already, was also keen on looking into kiosk machines (like ATM machines, etc) as there are some factory workers in Industrial sectors who want to use the survey using them. Since there are limitations using Kiosk mode only on tablets/androids so need to check how it works in my scenario.

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