How to Write a Good Product Idea (Template)

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How to Write a Good Product Idea (Template)

Use the template below as a guide for writing a good product idea. Following the template ensures your idea is written clearly, well thought-out and includes all of the necessary details needed.

1) Idea Title

  • Idea Title: Explain your idea in one sentence. Try to be short and concise, so community members can easily search for your idea.

2) Bulk of your Idea

  • Current Problem: Explain what the current problem is with existing functionality, and how it impedes you.

  • Current Solution (if applicable): Explain what the current workaround is, and how you continue to move forward with existing functionality. Explain how this workaround is not a legitimate solution to the original problem at hand.

  • Possible Solution: Explain how your idea will solve the issue. Try to be as detailed as possible with your idea - someone should be able to look at your idea and know exactly what you're requesting.

  • Purpose / Use Case: Explain how your idea would not only benefit you, but also other Qualtrics users. Use this section to elaborate on the general use case for your idea, and how your idea would positively impact others.

3) Applicable Tags

  • Be sure to add tags to your post if you'd like to specify what your post is about. For example, if your idea is posted in the Survey Platform category, but deals with Embedded Data, you'll want to add "Embedded Data" as a tag to your post. This way, individuals can use the advanced search functionality on community to search ideas with specific tags.

*Don't forget to upload any relevant screenshots, files, or any other supporting documentation.


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