Published changes not visible

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Published changes not visible

I have some branches in my 360 evaluation survey depending on a participant's metadata.
This can't be tested in preview mode,
so I added myself as a participant and added some metadata. I sent the evaluation participant message to myself and started the self evaluation.
However, I noticed my conditions were incorrect during the test.
I updated the conditions, and also a typo in one of the questions, and published the survey.
However, I cannot see the changes when I open my self-evaluation again.
How can I get my changes displayed?


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  • JoycaVJoycaV Belgium Guru ✭✭
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    Ok, I figured out that after I complete my self-evaluation, and then open it again, I can see the published changes.
    It's unfortunate that I can't get the changes before fully completing and then re-doing the survey.

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