Who has an example of this tool being used on a site I can see?

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Who has an example of this tool being used on a site I can see?

I'm looking for examples to see what cool stuff has been done with site intercept. Anyone willing to direct me to your page?


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    Are you talking about the tool being Qualtrics? If so, it might be tricky to get examples from the community on a website. I know we do a lot of unusual things but they're all internal and note published on any pages. I recommend looking through the community to see neat tips and tricks users have shared. Outside of that, your best bet is to contact your Account Executive. They have access to all sorts of interesting case studies and can direct you to other resources.

    Edited because I see you posted this in Website/App feedback section. Sorry about that, it popped on my 'Unanswered question' section. Carry on, never mind. :smile:

  • alejandra_rojasalejandra_rojas ColombiaQualtrics Partner Qubie ✭

    At some point I someone from Qualtrics showed me this example website with some website feedback intercepts made with Qualtrics. http://treadmade.com/

    Hope it is useful for you :smiley:

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