How do I make a column answer exclusive in a Side by Side?

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How do I make a column answer exclusive in a Side by Side?

I have a column answer defaulted to "Not Interested". However if the respondent selects any of the other multiple column answers, "Not Interested" should not remain selected (should be exclusive). Is there any way to get this functionality?


  • IgeeIgee Community Member Guru ✭✭

    hey @Scagas - One possible solution could be to use javascript to attain this functionality where you can use the "getElementById" to call the checkbox and execute an operation/function on it. Below is a non-optimized code that uses single ids to get the job done:


    this.questionclick = function(event,element){
         /* Test Code for making Not Interested Exclusive */
         document.getElementById('QR~QID6#1~1~1').onclick = function(){ 
         document.getElementById('QR~QID6#1~1~2').checked = false;
         document.getElementById('QR~QID6#1~1~3').checked = false;
        document.getElementById('QR~QID6#1~1~4').checked = false; }
         /* Test Code for unchecking Not Interested when other options selected */
        document.getElementById('QR~QID6#1~1~2').onclick = function(){ 
        document.getElementById('QR~QID6#1~1~1').checked = false; }     
        document.getElementById('QR~QID6#1~1~3').onclick = function(){
        document.getElementById('QR~QID6#1~1~1').checked = false; } 
        document.getElementById('QR~QID6#1~1~4').onclick = function(){
        document.getElementById('QR~QID6#1~1~1').checked = false; } 


    you can also try using "document.querySelectorAll" or create a class to optimize your code. Hope this helps.

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