How do I add Outlook-readable preheader text to a distribution email?

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How do I add Outlook-readable preheader text to a distribution email?

Our team uses our company logo at the top of some of our survey distribution emails. In some email clients (gmail for example) the email client takes the first bit of text from the email to use as the preheader/preview copy. When we send the message to Outlook clients, however, instead of preview text, we're seeing the source URL for the logo. I have tried adding alt text to the image, and adding some custom html to the email, but nothing seems to work. Has anyone else tried this?

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    I actually found the answer after submitting this request. It was mainly user error, where I wasn't saving my library message as a different message, and just kept sending my library message over and over.

    If you open up the source code in your distribution email, before any other html, enter:

    //div style="display:none;font-size:1px;color:#ffffff;line-height:1px;font-family:arial;max-height:0px;max-width:0px;opacity:0;overflow:hidden;mso-hide:all;">
    This is my brand new preheader text
    Note: that you will need to put the entering and closing brackets to the above html in the div tags ... this wouldn't let me include the full html in the comments!

    And replace the header text. Once I updated the save options, this worked perfectly in both outlook and gmail.


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    Hmm, this is interesting, will follow.

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    multipart/alternative MIME is what you mean?
    However I don't think you can easily do this with the Qualtrics email client.

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