Changing email address for Ticket Notifications

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Changing email address for Ticket Notifications

I have setup ticketing system for one of our departments. We tested it and everything works perfectly fine. I have created their department team in the system. So all the tickets created show "xyz Team" as ticket owner in qualtrics.

However, the ticket alert department gets in the email shows my name under "Ticket Created By" area. I am confused if this is because I am the ****survey owner**** and have setup the ticket system using my account. Shouldn't the ticket notification email show created by "xyz Team" instead of my name?
I would appreciate if you could share your experience, or know a way around this. Basically, I dont want my name showing up each time they create tickets.

Thank you.

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  • LaurenKLaurenK Seattle, WA, USA Administrator
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    Hi @DeepDiver! Is your question in regards to the follow-up email that is displayed to receipts? If so, I'd recommend taking a look at this support page. Otherwise, I'd recommend reaching out to the Qualtrics Support team, as they will best be able to troubleshoot your specific setup!


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