Is there a way to pipe the median answer to a rank order survey?

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Is there a way to pipe the median answer to a rank order survey?

I'm trying to have people rank order a series of pictures, and I've figured out how to pipe their top and bottom choice, but is there a way to pipe the middle (median) choice? Or is there a better way around that without using the rank order question?

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  • KoalaTricksKoalaTricks Boston Guru ✭✭
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    Looks like Carry Forward Choices lets you use logic based on "Items Responses" -- so the set up below will display the 3rd-ranked thing from Q1. Kind of hacky, but you could use this as a question that doesn't require response to display what you want (assuming the median position will be known in advance for you to specify in the UI logic).


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    Ok cool, so will the carry forward pull in what they specifically ranked it as? Or just where it originally landed in the initial question?

  • KoalaTricksKoalaTricks BostonCommunity Member Guru ✭✭

    It's their rank/response, not the original position

  • ABLabABLab OnlineCommunity Member Qubie ✭

    So they are likely to shuffle the rank for each option and it is likely based off this survey that VERY few people will have the same median answer.

  • ABLabABLab OnlineCommunity Member Qubie ✭

    Oh I should also mention, I need the piped median to be a picture as well!

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