Using multi-value text set for embedded data

Using multi-value text set for embedded data

We want to receive additional transaction data from our source system and store it as embedded data. The transaction data from the source system will be presented as multiple 'operation' lines, each having a number of separate fields, from a job card e.g. there might be 6 operation lines, each line will have a line number, operation code, operation description, operation type and a couple of yes/no flags. It looks like the 'multi-value' text set is the best variable type to use. My question is, how would the source system pass information from a multitude of fields, to a single embedded data variable in the API call?



  • Pete_LPete_L Community Member Qubie ✭

    My initial gut reaction is to store it in json format or an array in the embedded data field, but it might be super hard to read just by human eyes (if that's how you're planning on using it). If it's something you need to use from within the survey, you could use javascript to parse out the json/array.

    Not sure if that helps! How are you planning on using the field once it is in Qualtrics?

  • Mike_Shaw3012Mike_Shaw3012 NZCommunity Member Qubie ✭

    Thanks @Pete_L - we would like to use the data in that field for survey logic e.g. an operation code would be used to determine what question to display. My feeling is that the quality/format of the source data will make things quite tricky.

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