Display codes from a list of codes with piped text

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Display codes from a list of codes with piped text

Dear Community,

Here's a toy version of my problem: Say I want to recruit five participants from a platform like Amazon Mechanical Turk, and want Qualtrics to display individual codes from a list of five pre-specified codes (each code should only be displayed once), using piped text. Participants then report their individual codes back to the recruiting platform.

The difference from a random code generator is that I want to determine the codes in advance, since I have to report them to the recruiting platform in advance. Could anybody help me with this? Thanks a lot in advance.



  • LibertywickLibertywick Tucson, AZCommunity Member Sage ✭✭✭

    Would a webservice and variables not suffice? you could use the webservice to pick 5 (even based on least filled) and then pipe the embedded variable into the survey. This would also help to create a record in case a participant entered a wrong or incomplete code.

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    Dear Libertywick, thanks so much for your response! Yes, this sounds good. Could you recommend a web service for this? I get the logic of this all, but have little technical skills. In case you have the time to give me a quick pointer / run me through how this would be done, I'd very much appreciate it, though I understand that it might be too much to ask.

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    @Libertywick's web service suggestion is the best solution, but it sounds like it might be outside your reach.

    Since you have a small number of codes (5), an alternative would be to use a survey flow randomizer and quotas. Set up a quota of 1 for each of the five codes. Then inside a randomizer have a branch for each code that checks if its quota has not been met, then assign the code to an embedded variable.

  • pondrianpondrian Community Member Qubie ✭

    Dear TomG,

    thanks a lot for your response. I know about the survey flow randomizer: Not what I need, it seems, because I want to specify the codes in advance. Also, unfortunately, I need many more codes (hundreds), I just used an example with very few to ask the question as clearly as possible. All best, pondrian.

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