Quotas - How to replace the option with "This session is full" at Quota Limit

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Quotas - How to replace the option with "This session is full" at Quota Limit


I have forum participants who will be selecting sessions to attend which is my "session" question" with quotas set for each of my 3 sessions (Panel, Research, Keynote with a limit of 65) and I would like to replace the options that meet quota (i.e., Panel with "This session is full" or "gray out the option", is this possible?

I have a "wait list" display logic set for each session item that meets quota "wait list" but I don't want the user to be able to select the "quota filled option" above, only see it.

Scenario 2 - If I had to remove the option when quota is met: I was considering displaying the "available" sessions where the quota has not been met: "The following session have available seating....." question with options

Then copy the "sessions" question which is now my "wait list" that displays only the items that have met quota in the first question above, and have no quota set since this is my "wait list" option.

Your help and expertise is greatly appreciated!

Rosemarie Lang


  • PrashantAhirePrashantAhire Mumbai, indiaCommunity Member Qubie ✭

    You can create three embedded data at the end of your survey as per your selection options (forum participants) and add 1 each time when you select particular participants.
    Now you can use the same embedded data in options display logic.

    The panel is less than equal to 65 then display the option or else none

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