Accents and special characters in Data & analysis.

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Accents and special characters in Data & analysis.

Hello everyone

I need to import data within the "DATA & ANALYSIS" section, but this information is in Spanish, so it has accents and characters that do not exist in the English language.
I have tried several ways to upload this information and none of them has been effective.

  1. Upload file using TSV / CSV. When I import the information, the data is encoded as if it were HTML, that is, for example the letter á appears as & aacute; (Initially it seems fine, but the Data in the Dashboard appears in this way and when I come back and try to edit it in Data & analysis section it also appears encoded.

  2. Upload information via legacy function. When I import it by this way everything loads well with the characters and accents, but the contact details (first name, surname, email ...) load as anonymous

Can anybody help me?

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  • ClairJClairJ Philadelphia, PA Guru ✭✭
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    Hi @alejandro_fernandez_izo , have you checked out this help page? It has a section partway down on special character issues. It looks like the solution is to use unicode text encoding, which is another level of customization on top of file type.

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