Introducing Product Ideas to Qualtrics XM Community!

LaurenKLaurenK Seattle, WACommunity Administrator Administrator

Introducing Product Ideas to Qualtrics XM Community!

As of October 1, 2019, the feature request process has changed and takes place right here in Qualtrics XM Community! You can now login to community and post your feature requests, in the form of ideas, in the Product Ideas category. This change provides a simple, responsive, and transparent way to suggest new features for our product. You now have the power to submit ideas, upvote or downvote ideas, and comment on others' ideas to help our Product team determine the future of the product roadmap. For greater transparency into the idea lifecycle, you are able to login to Qualtrics XM Community at any time to view the status of an idea.

Must-Know for Qualtrics users:
* For instructions on how to interact in the Product Ideas category, please refer to this support page.
* To learn more about this new process, navigate to the Product Ideas category, and review the following posts in the Product Ideas Guidelines subcategory: Submission Guidelines and Evaluation Criteria & Policy & Procedures.
* Before posting a new idea, read How to Write a Good Product Idea to ensure your idea is written clearly, is well thought-out, and includes the necessary details.
* All users that are a part of a paid Qualtrics license will be given access to the Product Ideas category. If you do not see this category when logged in to the community, you are using a trial account and will not be able to access Product Ideas.

We can’t wait to see the amazing ideas you come up with!


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