Crosstabs for Multiple Choice Questions

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Crosstabs for Multiple Choice Questions


We need to create a crosstab that will be based on Response count instead of Choice count, since the row/stubs variable is a multiple choice question. However, after the platform migrated to new “Crosstab Experience”, we are unable to produce the crosstabs for multiple choice questions so that the Column Total equal >100%.

Any solution or workaround for the issue highlighted above is greately appreciated.


  • aleeoopsaleeoops Santa Monica, CACommunity Member Qubie ✭

    I had the same issue with the new "Crosstabs Experience," in which you can't select Column Percentage (Answering) for checkbox questions. The quickest workaround I found would be to create and download the table with just Counts, and rebase/recalculate the %'s in Excel with the proper Response Count.

    Alternatively, when I contacted Qualtrics Support, you could do so by creating a bucketing variable for the dataset, and rerunning the crosstab with the new bucketing variable, which you would need to do for all checkbox questions. :s

  • Bconley8Bconley8 Tulsa, Oklahoma (Remote)Community Member Qubie ✭

    Having the exact same issue. Had the excel idea but was hoping for an easier solution. In the end that would still probably be quicker than creating a bucketing variable for each and every question.

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