What are the most effective ways of presenting qualitative data to senior audiences?

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What are the most effective ways of presenting qualitative data to senior audiences?

Hi Qualtrics Community! I am starting to collect qualitative data and am looking for any advice, best practice or case studies for how best to present this to boards and senior management? The type of data I am collecting is free text comments on 'what went well' and 'what could be improved' in relation to contacting our call centres.

We know there isn't much appetite for word clouds as senior management don't feel they can do anything with them. But on the other hand, we're not sure whether the constellation charts or bubble charts in Text IQ will be too complex. Does anyone have any thoughts on what has worked well for them?


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    My suggestion is to pull out some interesting quotes from your free text answers. If you can link similar quotes together and add an explanation about any trends you noticed.

    You might also like to group or order some of the free text answers so you can see patterns emerging.

    You could also summaries a few point and explain what they are about.

    Did you collect any quant figures as well? Maybe combine these in the same PowerPoint slide or document page. For example, a graph showing the types of preparation staff make before a call. i.e. 10% make coffee, 30% conduct a websearch, 2% meet with colleagues, 50% read pervious call notes and 8% other. Next to the graph you could select snippets of text from open ended answers to "what worked well" for example someone could have said "I find spending time reading about the company via a websearch helps me connect with the customer."

    Create a story from the data in front of you, sounds like a step in the right direction.

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