API call create block - blocks options dropped

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API call create block - blocks options dropped


I tried to create a new block following the API call description here:

The call description shows this data, including Block Options:
"Type": "Standard",
"Description": "My Block Name",
"Options": {
"BlockLocking": "false",
"RandomizeQuestions": "false",
"BlockVisibility": "Collapsed"

Following this, the new block gets created but without the Options set (plus there is extra item 'SubType': '').

Can someome please cast some light on why the Options are not reflected in the newly created block? Updating a block via PUT method, the Options set works.

The attached Python code shows what I tried (needs to have API access token filled in).
Oh, actually can't attach a Python code to this post for the .py format is not supported, so providing the code here:

Thanks for your answers,

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