Need help randomizing blocks based off of Embedded Data display logic

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Need help randomizing blocks based off of Embedded Data display logic

I want participants to see 5 out of 10 blocks, but each block (actually the questions in the block) is also set to only display if specific Embedded Data =1. Is there a way to set up the randomizer to ensure that each participant is randomly assigned 5 blocks, but only from the subset of ones they should be seeing based on their Embedded data?

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    I was using a combination of branch logic and display logic. Sorry for the poor explanation. I have a list of services that were used by my participants. If they have used under 5 of the services, I would like them to evaluate all 5. If they have used over 5 I would like them to evaluate a random sample of 5 services from the ones they have used. So I tried setting up a branch and randomizer in the survey flow for those who have more than 5 services. The issue is that sometimes it would randomly select a service that they had not used, and since I setup display logic on those questions to only display for those who have used them, they would end up evaluating fewer than 5 services.

    I think I just figured out a much more simpler workaround. I am just adding a new column to the contact list to differentiate those who use 5 or more services. Then in the first question I pipe in all of the services with default selections on all of them and a question randomizer to only display 5 of the choices. Then I just use display logic based on the selected items in that question.


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    If I'm understanding your requirement, it sounds like you should use branch logic instead of display logic in this situation. So in your survey flow:

    Branch IF specific_Embedded_Data = 1... 
       Randomizer Element

    Is that what you're after?

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