Qualtrics/Cliniko integration

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Qualtrics/Cliniko integration

I am a a/prof at monash and physiotherapy clinician. In the clinic I use a practice management software package called Cliniko. I am interested in a solution whereby clients can complete a Qualtrics survey, and the data collected are imported directly into the relevant client file in his Cliniko account, via Cliniko's open API. In case it is useful, here is all the info on Cliniko's API: https://github.com/redguava/cliniko-api

For any technical questions in relation to the API, you will be best to ask those on the developers forum here: https://groups.google.com/a/redguava.com.au/forum/#!forum/cliniko-api W

This feature will help my practice and given all physiotherapists are require to take outcome measures for their patients, I am sure this would be of interest for the >30,000 physiotherapists practicing in Australia.


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