Have survey email invitations been opened?

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Have survey email invitations been opened?

Hi All,

We recently launched our first transactional survey triggered by Salesforce data. The survey has been live for a few weeks now, and 20+ invitation emails have been triggered as well as a handful of reminder emails. No surveys have been completed yet, which is surprising given that we're offering a $20 Tango Card incentive for a very short survey. All diagnostics in Qualtrics and Salesforce indicate that the emails were successfully sent, and only one bounced.

Question - Is Qualtrics capable of determining if survey email invitations have been opened by the recipient? If yes, how do I access this diagnostic?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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    Moving to the distribution and dowloading the history will get you a list:

    But I'm not convinced it's 100% accurate. I suspect that not all email providers report back this information. But it should show you some opens so you can troubleshoot!


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