clearing responses in repeated block elements

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clearing responses in repeated block elements


I am running a survey where participants listen to 20 music clips, randomised in order, and rate them according to a characteristic on a slider. Then they listen to the 20 clips again and rate them again with the slider, in an identical way but in a different randomised order. I.e. I have two repetitions of the 20 trials, leading to 40 trials in total. I used the survey flow option to set up the first randomiser, and then duplicated it there to get the second repetition of the 20 trials. However, I notice that in the survey, when participants get to the second repetition, the responses they gave on the slider in the first repetition appear. In other words, the slider doesn't start at the left end anymore, as it did before, but has 'remembered' where the participant put the slider in the first run-through. I want participants responses to the second repetition to be unbiased by their first. How do I fix this so that when they do the second repetition, the slider is again at the null point?




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    @mxwx Duplicating a block in Survey Flow doesn't make a "fresh" copy of the questions -- it'll repeat the same thing they saw before. You'll want new/separate questions for the second round of 20. You can use Carry Forward and/or Loop and Merge to make this a bit more convenient.

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    @KoalaTricks ok, thanks for clarifying that.

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