How do I link a survey "personal link" to a .jpg through the "compose email" feature?

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How do I link a survey "personal link" to a .jpg through the "compose email" feature?

Hi everyone,

I need to distribute a survey to a contact list and I'm trying to link a "survey personal link" to a .jpg through the "compose email" feature. However, the link is personalized and only generated once the email is sent. Intention here is that the person can click the picture and be automatically redirected to the survey without using an anonymous link, so that we are able to see the email of the respondents.


Follow this link to the Survey:
${l://SurveyLink?d=Take the Survey}

Or copy and paste the URL below into your internet browser:

It also did not work to copy this code "${l://SurveyURL}" and link to the picture. Has anyone had this type of problem? Any clues?

Thank you so much!


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    hi @ferfma - by Personal links do you mean Individual link? (as you seem to be using the Compose email feature) if yes you would need to:

    1. Add the image to your Graphics Library first so that you can source the image in your email template.
    2. Within the Compose Email section, you would need to add the - href code to the Source of the template, the icon as below:

    3. Within the source code you can add use the below:

    This worked for me on Chrome browser, hope it helps.


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