Decision Tree - Flow Chart Diagram Export Options

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Decision Tree - Flow Chart Diagram Export Options

Hi there,

I work for Tourism Whistler and have been designing surveys for clients in our community, to hand them over dashboards that we develop, manage and publish to our members. One thing I wish Qualtrics had was an exportable decision tree that visually maps out an entire survey. This is for when you present the survey to a management team or others who want to see all the options and pathways a survey has, without the need to provide them a long list of flow or words. A one-page, visual where each block/bubble is a question, colour coded by field type. I have been making them manually in Lucidcharts, but it would be amazing to have our surveys export into a visual format, not just text. Is this something your developers could roll out in the future? It really is the simplest way to show your work, explain your process/flow to non-Qualtrics users.

Would love to hear your thoughts or if there is a better workaround than making my own decision trees/flow charts in a separate program. I'd be happy to share an example of what I have made with your team to show you what I mean!

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