End of survey options

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End of survey options

I'm looking at building a survey for restaurant owners - with potentially more than 1 location - with an end of survey option to submit one set of responses then be directed to take the survey again with another set of responses. What would be the best way to do this and would we be able to know that this particular respondent completed more than 1 survey- restaurant A and restaurant B?

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    Hi @charrington

    In restaurant A survey under "Survey Option" there is a "survey termination" section. Within which select "Redirect to full url". In this option provide the survey url of restaurant B and append the survey restaurant B url with "&RestaurantA=Completed&UserName={pipedtext user name from survey or contact list or any identifier of the user}"

    You can pass any variable with the value from survey URL and make sure to create an embedded data in survey Restaurant B with the same name and case... so, in above scenario, the embedded data in survey Restaurant B will be "RestaurantA" and "UserName"


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