Trigger Survey on Embeeded Youtube Video & Tealium Events

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Trigger Survey on Embeeded Youtube Video & Tealium Events

Hello - We are trying to trigger a survey when the user plays/pause an embedded Youtube video on our website. The Youtube video is embedded via an iFrame and an AEM element.

We currently leverage Tealium and have a plugin for Youtube iFrame video interactions. With this plugin, we get Tealium dataLayer events for video plays, pause, & milestones. The documentation for this can be found here:

Ideally we trigger a survey one the video pause event. We have tried the Intercept Event Tracking method in Qualtrics, triggering off Event Name = tealium_event and value = video_pause, as documented on the Tealium website. This approach does not work.

Is it possible to leverage these Tealium events? Do you have other ideas on triggering a survey after a user has watched an embedded Youtube video.


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