Best question type and settings to collect monetary data

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Best question type and settings to collect monetary data

I have an annual survey that collects monetary values that go into the millions. I use mostly Matrix Table - Constant Sum questions, along with some regular Constant Sum questions., to capture these data The problem I'm running into is that, since the fields do not accept or display the comma separators, respondents can easily enter an answer that has an extra (or missing) digit without realizing it. I can't set up valid ranges with custom validation for most of these questions because the ranges vary greatly; some respondents could have answers in the thousands while others are in the millions for the same question.

Fellow Research Core users, do you have any suggestions to better validate these responses at the point of entry? Thank you in advance.

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    @MatthewM said:
    Thanks @TomG .

    If I could get the comma separators to display in the input field, but not write to the dataset, that would be ideal. It seems like that may be a tall task, though.

    So just how complicated is it to set up this example you shared in an earlier post?

    The script is quite complex - it saves both sets of numbers - with and without comma separators. Saving only the numbers would be even more complicated.


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