Sending reminders to non-starters.

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Sending reminders to non-starters.

My respondents are lawyers who are frequently interrupted when taking a survey. Since my respondents can begin, suspend, and then re-enter the survey, I don't want to send reminders to them, which will only confuse and irritate them. How can I send reminder messages only to those in the email distribution list who have not yet started the survey? Thanks in advance.


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    The only way we have found is to create a new contact list. You can export your most recent distribution history, export your existing contact list, then use vlookup to remove those who have started the survey. Upload the new contact list and send to that list.


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    I'm not sure that you can break down the reminder email in that way. But what I usually do in scenarios like this is adjust the subject of the email to remind participants that they need to finish their survey. Presumably those people haven't completed the survey even if they did start it, so they may benefit from a reminder too

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