Best way of managing users for your company

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Best way of managing users for your company

The company where I work creates and run a great amount of surveys through a single admin account. There are 5 people working from this same account, creating surveys and dashboards all the time. The 5 of us need to know somehow about all the surveys running through Qualtrics. We are going to change the way we manage Qualtrics at the moment, from 1 admin account to having 1 account each one of us [plus the admin account]. We are analyzing which is the best way to manange Qualtrics for our team taking into account that we still need to know about what everybody else is doing and we need it to be secure and save. We have been thinking about having a "decentralized" way of managing it, where each one of us creates projects and then shares with the admin account, or a "centralized way" where all projects are created from the admin account and then, they are shared to all other users. I want to know if any of you have had this kind of issues and how you have worked them out :smile:

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    Permissions with groups are designed to be set up so that you don't need an "admin account".

    I only have 3-4 qualtrics users at my org at any one time. We work off of a "decentralized" method, in th way that you describe it. We each have our own accounts. We share new projects to the "group" database that way we all have access to anything important.

    The 3 core users all have Admin permissions, so we can do anything we need to. We have the ability to sign into eachother's accounts through the admin function if something really needs that- but it rarely happens. We do have 1 floating licence for an intern. That account has restricted permissions that way the intern can help build projects, but not send them or access our API.

    So long as you are dilligent about sharing into the group folders, having a seperate user that is for admin only is kind of duplicative. Other than now it might be easier/nicer to keep it, simply for any old projects you created together.

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