Are the following features available in Survey Platform?

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Are the following features available in Survey Platform?

Hi there,

I need to decide based on the following feature request to see if I will use Qualtrics Survey Platform to collect my data. Can you answer each question as given below? Thanks a lot!

  1. I only want participants to work on the webpage rather than mobile phone. Is that possible to disable mobile phone version of the survey?
  2. my answer type will be text entry, and more than one text entry is considered as correct answer. For example, the question is when did it happen, the answer is ok both 1990 or late 20 centuries. Does the survey allow multiple correct answers?
  3. The subjects will have 14 days to work on the same survey. Because the survey needs over 10 hours to complete, so each subject are given 2 weeks to work on the survey. Is that possible? Whenever the subjects work on it, they can save the answers they have worked on, and continue to work on the unanswered questions the next day.
  4. Can I track the progress of the subjects by knowing the absolute time when they open the survey, they answer each question, they save the answers and close the survey?
  5. I will add links of wikipedia to certain texts in the questions. Can I know whether the subjects open the link or no, and when the subjects open the link?
  6. I will preselect subjects from NYU undergraduate students. So I will give ONLY my preselected subjects access to this questionnaire. Is that possible?
  7. As 14 days is long, in case the subjects forget about the task, I will send them a reminder email and get a read receipt from them every day. Is that possible to do this directly through Qualtrics? If it is no, it is fine, not a big problem.

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  • ElliotVWElliotVW Canada Guru ✭✭
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    Hi Pei_2009,

    Best of luck figuring out if Qualtrics is right for you! I'd strongly recommend reaching out to the Qualtric's team directly ( if you want to get more info or double check what I've written. I also think playing around with the platform through a trial account would be helpful to you.

    1. You can terminate people who are accessing the survey using a particular device type (such as mobile) with branch logic in the survey flow.

    2. You can use branch logic to terminate people who respond with a particular answer (such as less than 1990) in the survey flow. You can also use branch logic to make people skip certain parts of your survey, or display logic to present certain questions only to desired respondents.

    3. Yes, by enabling "save and continue" under the survey options, you can allow people to pick up where they left off across multiple survey sessions.

    4. You can definitely track the duration of a survey, but I don't want to speak to the rest of this question as I almost entirely deal with completed surveys. This may be able to help -

    5. As far as I know, you can't track people's behavior outside of a survey. You can definitely show people a link, but tracking what they do with the link isn't a capability I'm aware of Qualtrics' having.

    6. You can create custom survey links for each participant, you can send survey invites to a list of specific email addresses, you can make your survey password protected, and you can enable HTTP Referer Verification so respondents can only get to the survey through certain websites.

    7. You can definitely create automated reminder emails that would get sent out daily to everyone who has not completed the survey. I'm not sure about getting read receipts for partially completed surveys or sending reminders only to people who haven't completed up to the desired section, but, off the top of my head, splitting the survey across multiple projects may allow for something close to what you want.

    Hope that helps!

    Elliot V.W.

  • ElliotVWElliotVW Canada Guru ✭✭
    Accepted Answer

    Hi Pei_2009,

    Glad it was helpful! You can put link in the question text which respondents can then click, and Qualtrics also allows for videos to be embed as well. You could add a timing question alongside an embedded video to track how long people are on the page for and their number of clicks. You can also use the timing question to set a minimum duration they must stay on the page for, which is especially useful for forcing them to watch a video.

    If you're looking into getting a license for just yourself, I would definitely check-in with the Qualtrics sales team to make sure all the features you need will be available.


    Elliot V.W.


  • Pei_2009Pei_2009 nycCommunity Member Qubie ✭

    Elliot, That's very helpful! Regarding question 5, actually the only thing I want to know is that whether the subjects click on the link/open the link or no. Or similar situation, I find that I can show the subjects a video with a website link. I wonder if I can know whether the subjects played the video or no.

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