Pipe embedded values into Side-By-side response

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Pipe embedded values into Side-By-side response

Seems like this should be simple but I'm stumped.
I have a side-by-side matirx question.
It has 14 Choices and 2 columns
Column 1 is a 3-point scale displayed as a drop-down box with options of 'yes', 'maybe', and 'no' recoded to 1,2, and 3 respectively.
Column 2 is a text box.
I already have some response data for the for the 14 choices and wish to display that existing data to respondents, but allow them to change the answers as needed.
The embedded fields have names like ${e://Field/TrainID03YN}, containing a number between 1 and 3 if a response exists, or ${e://Field/TrainID03txt} containing the text that appears in the second column, if an answer exists.
I have no trouble getting the text response in the second column to appear, but have tried every option, and every reasonable javascript approach from the API that I can think of to pipe in the response to the scale with no luck. How is this supposed to be done?


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    I haven't found a clean way to do this, but I have a work around.

    I create n number of versions of the question I am trying to pipe the selected choice into. Then set display logic and default choice based on the earlier selection.

    For your example, you'd have 3 versions of your side-by-side question. Then if "Yes" is selected from earlier, show the 1st version where "yes" is the default choice. Repeat for "maybe" and "no" respectively.

    Lastly you need to use the survey flow to combine all the choices into a single embedded data field so that you have a single variable with all the answers.

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    With 14 items, each with 4 possible outcomes that would be a ponderous solution. If there is just some way to successfully set a select box to a particular option using jquery or javascript I could probably deal with the rest. But I haven't found a method that works

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    FWIW I just added a feature idea that I think would help with this.

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