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December Referral Rack Up | X4 Pass Giveaway Competition

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December Referral Rack Up | X4 Pass Giveaway Competition

How it Works
It’s as simple as it sounds, for every 5 referrals you make to Qualtrics XM Community, you will earn 1 raffle entry for this X4 pass giveaway competition. How do you make a referral? Simply follow the instructions here.

Be sure to read the guidelines below to see what counts as a referral:

  • These individuals must be using a paid Qualtrics account - they cannot be a trial user.
  • You can earn up to 10 raffle entries per month for this competition, which means you will receive credit for up to 50 people referred each month.
  • Participating in this competition also means you can earn some sweet swag with our already established User Referral Program.

How to Win

  • At the end of December, we will draw one winner.
  • Only referrals made from today, December 4th, through December 31st at 12 pm count for this competition.
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