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Sweet, Sweet Scavenger Hunt | X4 Pass Giveaway Competition

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Sweet, Sweet Scavenger Hunt | X4 Pass Giveaway Competition

One of the great benefits of our community is being able to find answers to your support questions fast. Although the community is a great resource, did you know we also have a free knowledge base that covers 100% of the product lines we offer? This challenge will test your knowledge and Qualtrics skills across all product lines. Let’s see how well you know our digital support resources!

How it Works
For the next 5 weeks, we will add a weekly riddle to this thread on Monday mornings that tests your Qualtrics knowledge. The riddle will lead you to a specific support or community page. Some riddles will take you to a single page, while others are a bit more tricky and require you to solve a second riddle and visit multiple pages. When you think you’ve solved a clue, you will want to go to the support or community page described, and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to reveal next steps. If you are on the right page, an intercept will appear (as exampled below) and you will be prompted to enter a Clue Code or Final Code. Be sure to read each weekly riddle instructions carefully.

How to Win
The first person to solve the riddle of the week and fill in the correct code on the intercept will win one of the free X4 passes we are giving away weekly for this competition. On Friday, we will announce all riddle winners. However, only the first community member that solved the weekly riddle and filled out the correct code will receive one of the X4 2020 passes. If you aren't the first to find the riddle one week, check back the following Monday for your chance to win that week!

Week 1 Riddle | CLOSED
Final Code: WEEK1
“A big clue disguised elegantly. For good help, it’s just knowledge, look more near our pages. Qualtrics, read support topics under vast wisdom…. xylophone yurt zebra.”

Week 2 Riddle | CLOSED
Clue 1 Code: aP93kE
"While playing with dashboards and surveys and such,
you thought of improvements you’d like very much.
If only the Eng team could hear your pleas,
or you could post your ideas with considerable ease…
If there were such a place on which you could depend,
what if there were a treasure hidden at the very end…"

Week 3 Riddle | CLOSED
Clue 1 Code: wu90zL
"If you were an ambitious girl scout
this would be your favorite page of all;
when you display these on your profile, you won't pout--
for these are used to show community clout.
At the bottom of this page you'll find your call(ing)."

Week 4 Riddle | CLOSED
Clue 1 Code: h37Sxs
"When navigating the community, they’ll always be by your side.
Here to assist in any way, think of them as your guide.
To learn more facts, like expertise and name,
Head to this page, for part two of this game.
This next clue may be discovered in two similar places,
hurry up now, we’re off to the races."

Week 5 Riddle | CLOSED
Clue 1 Code: js3wl9
"You may think you’re a master
At avoiding disaster
With surveys so fast and so cool,
But make them better and quicker
Than stock exchange tickers
With these lesser-known tricks and tools."


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