Use Embedded Data to display Blocks with Randomizer

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Use Embedded Data to display Blocks with Randomizer

I’m working on a survey and I would like to use Randomizer. I have two blocks I would like to randomize equally. The first is based on some questions our marketing department would like to have answered. However, the second block is actually five blocks that are based on some embedded data.

For instance, throughout the year we categorize respondents based on when they visit (winter, spring, etc.) and I would like the block for winter to appear to 50% of guests and our marketing block to show up for the other 50% when Winter is embedded. Then when Spring is embedded in the Spring block to replace the winter block as the second randomized option.

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    That's really easy to do. Using branch logic and Randomizer all within the Survey Flow.
    1. Create all your blocks in the survey editor and name them such so that you can easily tell them apart.
    2. Set up your embedded data for the season which you will want to do first
    3. Next create your branch logic for every embedded data Season (also as a failsafe create one if your embedded data is empty)
    4. Within each branch logic create a randomizer and set it to show 1 of the following elements
    5. Now add/or drag your blocks here along with your marketing block. You can create multiple instances of your marketing block which will only show up as one in the edit survey section, but multiples in the survey flow.
    6. Complete this for all the Seasons


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