Moving text entry box to the right of the labels

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Moving text entry box to the right of the labels

I have a multiple choice question with each label having a text entry box. However, the boxes are appearing at the bottom of the labels in a separate line. I need to move the boxes to the right of the label. I have looked for the previous posts and questions re this, but none directly relates to my query. Can someone provide me with the code for this? Thanks!


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    Hi @SSETH .

    I think it's this way because multiple choice questions are set to be mobile optimized by default. However, if that's not a requirement and you are also free to change the appearance of your survey, I know of a non-code based solution you could consider. If you go to the Look & Feel tab of your survey, and click the "Back to Old Editor" button, you could change it to one of the old non-mobile optimized Qualtrics templates, such as"Boxed Questions" shown in the screen shot below.

    Good luck!

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