Manager Direct report not updating on dashboard

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Manager Direct report not updating on dashboard

I updated some of the Direct Reports for Manager. Steps followed: 1. Import participants - successfully done 2. Update responses with current metadata 3. Update action plans with current metadata 4. Reindex data by adding new field in dashboard data

Even after all these steps, the manager direct report is not updating.

So in the Participants page of the Project, it shows the new direct report. However, the dashboard still shows the original direct report list. What can be the issue?


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  • SringlingSringling Frankfurt/Brussels/London Qubie ✭
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    Hi Bharat,
    I've had the most surprising cases, where the browser refresh button solved this kind of problems. Doesn't look very likely given you've changed fields already, but worth trying.

    Also, just to be on the save side:
    did you double check it's updated in the right hierarchy? Some times a level based and PC hierarchy are both held in the participant tab and if the one you updated is not the one used in the dashboard, that would explain the issue.


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