Changing look&feel (theme) for a particular page

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Changing look&feel (theme) for a particular page

I am conducting a survey for my thesis and my university has a preset theme under Look and Feel for the over all survey. However, I am exposing the participants to an imaginary web site on one of the pages. I don't want the banner of the university to be seen just on that one page, because it is creating confusion. Is there a way to customize or remove the theme for a particular page? Or do you have any other creative solutions?
Thank you.


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    Add a <style> tag to the question text of the first question on the page you want to change and add CSS rules as needed.


  • AniUvAAniUvA Community Member Qubie ✭

    It worked! Thanks so much Tom. o:)

    For others who may come across this comment, it is: html .Skin #Logo {display: none;}

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