Adjusting Bipolar Matrix for Mobile

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Adjusting Bipolar Matrix for Mobile

I have a bipolar matrix with a 7-point scale. Even with the mobile friendly option chosen, the question needs to be horizontally scrolled on Mobile. Is there a solution to fit it on the screen?
Thank you.

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  • MishrajiMishraji India Guru ✭✭
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    Hi AniUvA,
    I tried it at my end and it's working fine. It opens up space in the survey editor. But when you take a preview, it will display the scale points without a scrollbar.
    P.S. - I am using the preset desktop theme provided by Qualtrics.


  • MishrajiMishraji IndiaCommunity Member Guru ✭✭

    Can you try selecting the Position Text Above option as well? You can find it below Mobile Friendly option.
    This will position the text above the scale points and thus save you some more space.

  • AniUvAAniUvA Community Member Qubie ✭

    Hi Mishraji,
    I tried it but it just opens up the space between the buttons. Covering up even more space.

  • AniUvAAniUvA Community Member Qubie ✭

    Mishraji thanks so much for taking the time. I just checked and it is indeed working this way. This saved me a lot of headache. Cheers!

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